It was a land 

It was once the land of love and peace, the land of Jesus Christ, it’s supposed to be the land where all religions live together peacefully, it’s supposed to be the land of love, the land of history. With such beautiful villages and cities, it’s supposed to be a beautiful country, from the Galilee, to Tiberias, the history and the beauty that’s in Tiberias and the wilderness in the Galilee, the north side of the country, the historical places, Haifa, Zefat, Nazareth; the city of Jesus Christ, the beautiful churches in Nazareth, Tel-aviv the wild city, Jerusalem; it’s so beautiful that it’s supposed to be the city of peace, it was born for peace!, but it never knew peace! The extremely breath taking Galilee mountains, the Dead Sea, it’s just a country that’s filled with beauty and history, beautiful places, buildings, mountains, churches, green woods, just what not! But it’s a country that never knew peace, it’s too fascinating and beautiful to have such ugly anti-peace people living in it! It’s not the land of racism and filth, it’s supposed to be the land of love, but it’s not like that anymore because of the people! 


Do you believe in MAGIC !

Magic is everywhere, but only the one’s who believe in it can actually see how magical life is, we live on a blue-green planet called earth and a white smaller ball that moves in circles around our planet that’s called the moon near a huge vibrate fire-ball that’s called the sun, now how can you not believe in magic!? ..

I always think about it, I think about how the universe communicates with me, how when I clear my mind and try to look for solutions and plans an idea just tics into my mind that feels like it came out of no were, when It actually came from the universe!, because we communicate with the universe, we send vibrations to the universe and we as well receive vibrations from the universe, it’s just mind-blowing!

Magic occurs very vibrantly in life, when you clear your mind through daily meditations, when you start thinking and feeling more positive, when you see how the whole world starts responding to your positive vibrations and starts giving you positive event, people, things, feelings, thoughts back, and when you feel that you and the whole universe are one, when you stop worrying about the future because you know that the universe has a plan for you, it’s going to help you, and your only going to see good things happening, you are even going to start believing that every negative event has a positive lesson and meaning behind it,that its going to make you life become more complete and your relationship with yourself is going to be more complete .

I see magic in nature, when I’m watching the sunset with a warm cup of tea especially in fall, it’s just heart-warming and beautiful, watching the stars at night, just laying down on my balcony feeling the cool breeze of air touching my face, watching the sparkly stars at night, I just feel that life has so much more meaning and truth behind it, more than what people know and are being taught!, also the beach, when I get into the water and it’s just dead silence, the waves, the salty water, the sand, nature is amazing!.

I believe that everything in life is magical, you just have to stop sleeping and dreaming, you got to wake yourself up and start living!


D E – S T R E S S 4 ways to deal with job stress

I’ve got a new job in a restaurant about two months ago, it’s a very stressful job, especially in day shifts, it’s a never-ending work, 10 hours standing on your feet, extreme stress, lot’s of orders from the boss, just a never-ending CHAOS!, however I’ve learned some tips that would make me not lose myself during work and how to come back to oneness with myself.


I’ve started meditating about a year and half ago, at the beginning it was quiet hard to silent my mind, so I started to listen to guided meditation ( which I recommend if you’re new to meditating ), they’re basically mind quieting meditations that make you control your breath rhythm and thoughts, now as a more trained and advanced meditator I do the chakras activating meditations, which helps balance the 7 energies in your body, from your love energy to self-control, manifesting your desires … !, I as well like to do the third eye-opening meditation which help to centre and focus you, makes you more aware and conscious of yourself and your surroundings, adding to that I like the astral projection binaural beats, I listen to it before bed it’s just pure magic!

I’d  meditate after work when I’m home, I’d usually take a warm shower before, make me a cup of herbal tea, make myself comfortable, put my earphones on and just focus on the beat, also breathe very slowly, which after 15 minutes or so my breath and heart rate would slow down naturally, which heals the body from all of the severe stress that I went through, i recommend meditating daily after work because it’s the most thing that can benefit you ( stress relief wise ).

*here are some of my all time favourite meditations

This one makes my mine trip just focus on the beat (earphones required)

Third-eye opening meditation (make sure you’re at home only when you’re listening to it because it can make you lose your mind)

Beginners guided breathing meditation, dont stress yourself out, focus on your breath, and dont try to resist your thoughts, because more thoughts will come, just accept them and let them go!


It’s so important for me to eat the right food, because if I don’t my whole body & mind systems crash, so I tend to stay away from dairy, eat organic, fresh produce, superfoods, no processed foods, no artificial sugar and flavourings …

usually people during the short work breaks would eat something that is fast to make and filling, not caring if it’s nutritious, they fill their bodies with empty calories that your body doesn’t need, people also tend to drink so much coffee with milk and sugar to give their bodies that fake energy, too much caffeine adds stress to your system!

I love coffee but I drink only once a day without any sugar or milk added, if I’d drink it with milk it would be almond milk. no dairy and no soy!

B R E A K F A S T , **when I’m hungry in the morning this is what I’d usually eat

1 cup of organic oatmeal and cook with water

after it’s done cooking add on top of that:

1 table-spoon chia seeds

1/2 table-spoon ground flax seeds

organic maple syrup

goji berries or any other berries available

**when I’m not hungry in the morning I’d make myself a POWER SMOOTHIE, it’s detoxifying, energizing, nutritious, and it’s much better than going to work on an empty stomach, it’s very easy to make, just add the ingredients to water and stir them all up!

1 table-spoon Spirulina powder

1 table-spoon organic turmeric powder

1 table-spoon ground flax seeds

During breaks I try to make healthy options if I’m eating from my work, I as well  tend to have organic fresh fruits and veggies picked from my garden, also make sure to drink lot’s of water, herbal teas ( Sage, green tea, mint tea, fennel seed tea … ), it soothes your body and elevate your senses.


I just crave working out all the time, I can’t live with out it, even if I was standing on my feet the whole day I would want to do a waist workout, running, maybe yoga!, it makes me feel good, it makes the blood move better in your body, it shreds out toxins, relieves stress, boosts happiness hormones, tones your body, just what not!

*my favourite daily exercises

Miranda Kerr butt workout

Waist thinning workout

Yoga sun salutations for beginners


Sleeping is one of the most important things for your body to function well during the day, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day, make sure your bed is comfy and clean, no lights in your room, your phone is away from you, no noise around you, and keep a window open for fresh air to come in.

My daily black coffee ♥

My current favourite herbal tea that contains organic aniseed, fennel & cardamom

Organic mandarin from my garden, it sour-sweet & delicious !

Sage is a great herb for cleansing your body, boosting your digestive system, soothing your nerve system, just make sure it’s organic, I like to grow mine in my garden.

8 Tips For a Healthy Hair


washing your hair daily can dry it and the scalp out, you’ll have split ends faster and your hair will lose its shine.

in order to grow your hair healthier and faster your scalp has to be nourished & moisturizered, so washing your hair daily doesn’t let that happen, it also washes away the natural oils the scalp produces, those oils are good for both your scalp and hair, adding to that washing the natural oils away daily will lead to more and more oil production; which will eventually lead to an oillier scalp, I personally like to wash it every other day, sometimes I wash it every three days.


hot water terribly dries out your hair, it also takes its shine away, use luke warm water instead.

there’s something that I’ve been trying lately that really helped my hair become shinier and healthier, it’s rinsing my hair with cold water when I finish washing it, definitely give that a try!


Most women today and girls love to style their hair daily wither it’s curling it or straightening it, but it’s actually quiet harmful for your hair, try not to use heat daily, but when you do use it make sure to use a hair heat protector !

a good hair heat protector that I’ve been using for a while is the PANTENE HEAT DENFENSE GLOSS SPRAY, I’ve been using it for two years now, I apply it on my DRY hair before styling it, it really protected my hair moisture from heat damage when styling it, it’s not sticky or heavy, and it smells amazing I can’t get over the smell, it’s so refreshing and it lasts in my hair for almost the whole day, I truly recommend it, you can buy it from any drugstore near you, for me it’s definitely a must have!

If you’d like to curl your hair daily without using heat there are so many heat alternatives you can use, here’s a video showing you a how to HEATLESS CURLS HAIR TUTORIAL.


4. USE A WIDE-TOOTH COMB instead of a brush when brushing wet hair, and brush gently through the hair.

5. EAT HEALTHY eat foods that are filled with lots of vitamins and minerals, lot’s of organic green vegetables and drink at least two and a half liters of water a day!


besides them being super relaxing and fun they also make the blood move in your scalp better which means more blood will reach the hair cells so the hair will grow faster, which basically stimulates hair growth!


now this tip actually helped my hair a lot!, i use coconut oil as a hair mask once a week, u can use it a couple of times a week or more it will not harm your hair because it’s all organic and natural so it has no chemicals, using coconut oil has prevented split ends in my hair, made it shinier, smoother and it nourished my scalp, it’s just amazing!

*make sure that you use ORGANIC coconut oil to get all of the benefits.


another product that had really helped my hair’s split ends is the MOROCCAN TREATMENT OIL, I put it often after I come back from the beach, putting it after a long period of time of sun exposure can restore the hair’s health after it being damaged by the sun, it helped prevent split ends, it made my hair shinier and it has a very nice popcornish sweet scent, you basically apply it on dry or wet hair ont he very ends of your hair, don’t apply it on the upper part of your hair because it can make it oily, it’s another must have for me.

here’s a link where you can buy the moroccan hair treatment online

Moroccanoil Treatment - Argan Oil